Helene of Norway is one of the leading bellydancers and oriental choreographers in Norway. She is also one of the dancers that make the group Divas of Bellydance. Helene runs Studio Orient, the largest oriental dance studio in Norway and organizes the semi-annual Oslo Oriental Dance Festival. She is currently one of the most media covered dancers in Norway and has made appearances on the first season of the Norwegian So You Think You Can Dance, Charmschool (Sjarmørskolen) and Identity (Hvem er Hvem) on Tv Norge, aswell as the Norwegian "Dancing with the stars" (Skal Vi Danse) on TV2. She has previously worked as a dancer in Turkey and has 20 years experience as a danceinstructor and 18 years experience in oriental dance. Helene works with several other dancers and musicians and is the first oriental dancer in Norway to have two oriental music albums dedicated to her dance, "Helenes raks sharki" and "Helenes raks sharki vol 3" by Mustapha Dahir Orchestra. She has also made the first instructional dvd with Norwegian speach, "Magedans med Helene". All available for purchase here.

Tarazade Festival, Istanbul 2013
Bellydance EXPO, Frankfurt, 2013
Divas of Bellydance tour - Moods of Egypt, april 2013
Al Farah, Cafeteatret 2013
Fantasia Festival, London december 2012
Layali Raqs, Cafeteatret, 25. feb 2012
Alhambra, Singapore 2011
Oslo Oriental Dance Festival, Cosmopolite Scene, Norway 2010 and 2012
KK kropp - Kamille - Oslo Puls, february 2008
Layali Raqs, Palladium 2008
Magasinet in Dagbladet, december 2007
Shape Up Magazine, 2007
Hvem Er Hvem, TV Norge, 2007
Divas of Bellydance tour - An arabian dream, october 2007
The Peaceconference at Oslo Concerthall, 7. september 2007
Østlandssendingen, NrK, 9. february 2007 and 8. february 2008
Oslo TV, TV Norge, 8. february 2007
Oslo Oriental Dance Festival, Parkteatret february 2007 and 2008
Dancing with the Stars, TV2, 2005
The Norwegian So You Think You Can Dance, TV Norge, 13. february 2005
Oslo Oriental Dance Festival Sentrum Scene, Samfunnssalen 10. february 2006
Stockholm Bellydance Festival 2002 - 2005
Club Ali Baba, Stockholm, Sweden 4. may 2005
Cafè Balady ifm Multikulti, the theaterboat Innvik 20. october 2004
Euroasia International Folklore & Culture Festival, Istanbul 22. august 2004
Ibrahim Tatlises concert, Ekeberghallen Oslo 2004
International VAD Festival 2002 and 2003
1001 Natt Oslo Bellydancefestival april 2001 and 2002, Oslo Conserthall
Se & Hør
Halden arbeiderblad
Turkish CNN - IBO TV - SHOW TV
Come Together, John Dee, 2002
Habibi Cafe and Restaurant Al Amir